National Council

While the administrative functions of the United Church of God - Canada are executed by the National Office, our board, the National Council, establishes direction for the Office during quarterly meetings throughout the year. The Council is comprised of nine members of the United Church of God - Canada who serve in three year terms. Our current members are as follows:

Committees are formed to allow the Council to run more efficiently and to allow greater depth of work. Our committees and members as follows:

Council Members:

Bill Dimovski (416) 221-9227
Larry DeLong (403) 345-4051
John Erickson (250) 962-5258
Michael Erickson (250) 562-7092
Dennis Horlick (905) 831-6308
Patrick Read (226) 240-6370
Rainer Salomaa (403) 873-8185
Lloyd Teetaert (306) 545-4448
Anthony Wasilkoff (905) 614-1234



Larry DeLong (Chairman)
Bill Dimovski
Dennis Horlick
Anthony Wasilkoff



John Erickson
Michael Erickson
Patrick Read (Chairman)
Lloyd Teetaert


Compensation Committee

Larry DeLong
Bill Dimovski
John Erickson
Lloyd Teetaert (Chairman)


Amendment Committee

Charles Desgrosseilliers
Joseph Sheperd
Mike Whyte (Chairman)

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