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Twinkies, Minions and Halloween
by Darris McNeely
(Posted Posted October 30, 2014Longitude Blog)

If I were a Minion, I would think I got the short end of the stick.

A quick trip to the grocery store a couple of days ago found me checking out behind a gentleman who had bought every package of Twinkies on the grocery shelf. The boxes of soft yellow sponge cakes filled his grocery cart. I couldn’t resist making a comment. “Are you afraid they might stop making Twinkies again?”

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Gas is Low, But Could Go Much Lower!
by Mitchell Moss
(Posted Posted October 30, 2014)

Gas is down below $3 per gallon for the first time in years, and it’s so good. One energy analyst says he thinks that crude oil could dip in price as low as $65 per barrel (right now it’s about $81 per barrel).

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Should You Keep Halloween, Holyween, or All Saints Day?
by Randy Stiver
(Posted Posted October 30, 2014)

The answer is that you should keep none of the above. But why?

During this last week of October the Vatican hosted a conference of The International Association of Exorcists (IAE) formed in 1990 by a group of Catholic  priests who specialize in exorcising (casting out) demons (fallen angels who are now evil). Reports indicate that Pope Francis praised their work in the battle against the Devil.

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Hope and Peace in God!
by Jacob Mammen
(Posted Posted October 27, 2014)

"Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise Him, my Savior and my God" (Psalm:42:5, New International Version).

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It's Not My Fault!
by Victor Kubik
(Posted Posted October 23, 2014)

"It's not my fault!"

How often have we heard—or even said ourselves—those exact words when something we're involved in goes wrong? It's often an initial reaction. Nobody likes to be wrong or liable, and we often can quickly grope for ways to explain away or justify failure or setback by placing blame on everyone else but ourselves.

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by Darris McNeely
(Posted Posted October 22, 2014)

The dust has settled, for now, on the land of Israel and Gaza after this summers exchange of rockets. Thousands of Arabs died and the tiny enclave of Gaza perched on the edge of the Mediterranean is sorting through the devastation rained down in retaliation from rocket attacks and clandestine tunnels dug to launch surprise incursions into Israel. For the Arab population of Gaza it was a stunning tragedy.

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by Janet Treadway
(Posted Posted October 16, 2014)

On a visit to my favorite second hand store recently, I started talking with one of the clerks. She is always so friendly and upbeat. This trip was different, though. I knew she was waiting for tests to come back to see if her brain cancer had returned, so I asked if she had received the results back from the test. Still smiling, while taking a big swallow, she informed me that the cancer was back. She had decided to not do treatment. My heart ached for her. She proceeded to wait on her customers with that same friendly voice as if nothing was different. 

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Reviving Ancient Biblical Principles - 21st Century Christians to Celebrate the Coming Kingdom of God
by United Church of God
(Posted Posted October 4, 2014)

Some 2,000 years ago, Jesus Christ observed an ancient Hebrew festival called the Festival of Tabernacles, which was recorded for future generations in the New Testament book of John. Beginning at sunset on October 8, multiple thousands of 21st century Christians and families of the United Church of God will follow this example of Jesus at more than 40 Festival sites around the world (including the United States and Canada), beginning eight days of celebrating a future time of unprecedented peace and prosperity – the coming biblically prophesied Kingdom of God.

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God Wants You Back
by Heather Disher
(Posted Posted October 3, 2014)

On a sunny afternoon, I was in my bedroom. I could hear my mom in the kitchen cooking dinner. I was maybe six or seven, sulking and crying and pouting as hard as I could. Face down in my covers, hot tears soaking everything.

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ISIS, Evil and the Day of Atonement
by Darris McNeely
(Posted Posted October 3, 2014)

Evil can only be overcome by force. That’s the hard lesson the United States is learning as it leads another coalition to move into the Middle East to destroy another Hydra-headed monster. ISIS is a manifestation of evil that should teach us a vital lesson about dealing with evil in today’s world.

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