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A Coming City of Miracles
by Victor Kubik
(Posted Posted March 5, 2015)

Do you have a vision for the future?

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by Melvin Rhodes
(Posted Posted March 4, 2015)

Prior to 9/11, most Americans were barely aware of the religion of Islam.

In the short time since that tragic day, Islam has established its presence in the country with mosques and schools in nearly every sizeable community. The president of the United States has even said that Islam has been woven into the fabric of our society.

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Thoughts on Netanyahu's Speech Today
by Darris McNeely
(Posted Posted March 3, 2015)

A few thoughts about Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech before a joint session of Congress today.

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Would Churchill Be Heard Today?
by Darris McNeely
(Posted Posted March 2, 2015)

In the late 1930s as Nazi Germany rearmed and threatened the peace of Europe, Winston Churchill was a lone voice in Great Britain sounding the alarm of a gathering storm. No one listened until it was too late to turn back the tide of war that swept over the world. I have thought about that moment as we look at the world in 2015. There seems to be only one voice speaking with moral clarity and vision that could waken the world to present dangers. If Great Britain did not heed Churchill in 1938 will they heed today's herald?

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Fifty Shades of Grey and God's Love
by Mitchell Moss
(Posted Posted February 13, 2015)

Chalk it up to my never having observed Valentine’s Day , but most years the holiday comes and goes without really registering with my brain. But this year, there’s a huge cultural event in America happening concurrent with Valentine’s Day

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The Battle for the Bible, Part 3: God Answers the Critics
by Victor Kubik
(Posted Posted February 12, 2015)

Can we trust, even to the point of changing our very lives, a collection of ancient manuscripts that we know today as the Bible? Over the past two weeks I have been presenting solid evidence that we can indeed confidently rely on these very words of God.

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Tough Times Don't Last - Tough People Do
by Janet Treadway
(Posted Posted February 12, 2015)

"It might be tough, but my dad used to say, tough times don't last—tough people do." Those words were spoken by James Robertson, 56, of Detroit as he talked about his daily commute to work. Robertson's daily commute is probably much different from mine or yours. I know my commute to work only takes five minutes of a nice warm car ride in the winter and a nice cool car ride in the summer. Not so with James! His car broke down in 2005, and because he couldn't afford another or the insurance, he decided to walk.

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4 Keys of Personal Finance
by Darris McNeely
(Posted Posted February 12, 2015)

Over the weekend I read several articles on personal finance and economics. There is never a shortage of such. But seeing it is tax season in America and some are still working with recent resolutions to get their financial house in order I think a recap of what I learned could be helpful.

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Proving God's Holy Days
by Kevin Greer
(Posted Posted February 12, 2015)

Christmas. Easter. Saint Patrick's Day. Halloween. Palm Sunday. Lent. Saint Valentine's Day. Devil's Day. Good Friday. These are some of this world's annual holidays and observances. While many of them began as mainstream Christian practices, in time they evolved to a point where they are generally accepted throughout all of society. Some of them are even based on half-truths synthesized from the Bible, but upon closer examination, we find they are infested with elements of pagan worship and the influence of Satan himself.

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They Called Him the Ghost Boy: A Case of Judging Wrongly
by Janet Treadway
(Posted Posted February 10, 2015)

They called him the "Ghost Boy." Martin Pistorius was born in South Africa in 1975, but suddenly at the age of 12 he fell ill. It started with a sore throat, but then he stopped eating, started sleeping almost constantly, and stopped communicating. No one could figure out what was wrong. Martin lost control of his body. The doctors told his parents to take him. They said that his brain was the brain of a baby. They said he would die.

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