by Darris McNeely
(Posted Posted April 14, 2014)

A gunman killed three people at a Jewish Community Center in Kansas City yesterday; we are again reminded of how a peaceful moment can turn into a terrible moment of death. The suspected gunman is a known anti-Semitic. He apparently picked this place to vent his seething rage. It is a terrible reminder of a dark mood that resides within our world—waiting to emerge in it's full fury.

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What Products Contain Leavening?
by Steve Myers
(Posted Posted April 14, 2014)

As we prepare for Passover and the Days of Unleavened Bread, people usually ask about products that contain leavening. I thought I'd post a blog with a bit of information to help. Of course as we de-leaven our homes the most important focus is on the spiritual - the greater task of becoming unleavened ourselves.

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10 Days to Passover - The Last Day Before Passover
by Mitchell Moss
(Posted Posted April 13, 2014)

It’s the last day before Passover, which begins at sundown tonight. In His day, Jesus, knowing that His hour had come, and that He would be delivered into the hands of the Romans to be killed, gave His disciples the lasting, unforgettable ceremony of the New Covenant Passover. The whole story of what happened during the supper He had with His disciples goes from John 13-18, but the first sentence of John 13 is what we will focus on:

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10 Days to Passover - Day 2
by Mitchell Moss
(Posted Posted April 12, 2014)

It isn’t clear or specific what happened on this day, two days leading up to Jesus’ final Passover, from the Bible. That being said, there is an event that could have possibly taken place on this day, and which we can draw a lesson from nonetheless. John:12:20-32 has the first part of the story, and specifically John:12:27-32 is what we will read:

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Get Off of Your Screen
by Rudy Rangel
(Posted Posted April 11, 2014)

I noticed it recently, and it happened more than once. I was spending time with my daughter. She was riding her bike in our driveway. But I wasn’t there. I was on my phone. Sure, I took her picture, tweeted it and iMessaged it to her grandparents. But I wasn’t enjoying this special moment, sharing in her joy as she was overcoming the trepidation of her “big girl” bike. There was my beautiful daughter riding her bike, and I was staring at my screen. Lost moments.

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10 Days to Passover - Day 3
by Mitchell Moss
(Posted Posted April 11, 2014)

Instead of going back to Bethany to stay the night after the lengthy preaching and Olivet Prophecy, Jesus probably stayed on the Mount of Olives overnight. The next day is recorded in Matthew:26:1-5, Mark:14:1-2 and 10-11, and Luke:22:1-6, where we will read what happened:

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by Victor Kubik
(Posted Posted April 10, 2014)

Alec Surratt, international mail manager for the United Church of God, talks about the department's work, such as dealing with incoming international literature requests, request translations, and helping with personal correspondence for some incoming Spanish mail.

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10 Days to Passover - Day 4
by Mitchell Moss
(Posted Posted April 10, 2014)

Going back into Jerusalem from Bethany, Jesus and His disciples ran across the fig tree He had cursed the day before. Mark:11:21 explains how the disciples saw the withered fig tree and Jesus made a lesson out of it about having faith.

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10 Days to Passover - Day 5
by Mitchell Moss
(Posted Posted April 9, 2014)

After having gone into Jerusalem in the Triumphant Entry, Jesus went back to Bethany to stay the night and in the morning (5 days until Passover), came back into the city. Mark:11:12-19 has the story:

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The Christian Passover - Reviving Ancient Biblical Truth
by Peter Eddington
(Posted Posted April 8, 2014)

Is the biblical Passover valid for Christians in the 21st century? While its observance is not commonplace today, history confirms that the original 1st century Christians took part in the Christian Passover as described in the New Testament book of John.  Following the example of Jesus Christ, members of the United Church of God will again revive the ancient biblical command to take the Christian Passover this year, which will occur on the evening of April 13.

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