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Humanity's Most-asked Question: "Why Were You Born?" to Be Addressed at United Church of God public Bible Presentation
by Peter Eddington
(Posted Posted August 29, 2014)

From BBC research to legendary psychologists, the age-old question "why were you born?" shows up as the most-asked question in human history. "In the uncertain age that we live in, understanding the answer to the question 'why was I born' can help people find peace, meaning and real spiritual strength," says national TV host and author Gary Petty, who will lead a major presentation in Cincinnati, Ohio on Sept. 10.

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Anxiety, heaven and the reward of the saved
by Victor Kubik
(Posted Posted August 28, 2014)

As I was growing up, wondering about life after death was a part of me. Perhaps you've had a similar experience. As I sat in a local church I attended back then with my parents in Minnesota, I heard vague notions about how one day my "consciousness" would somehow be transported to some kind of "heaven." It was up there somewhere where God lived. I apparently was going to live there forever if I was fortunate.

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Are You Motivated by God's Coming Kingdom?
by Dan Dowd
(Posted Posted August 26, 2014)

What motivates us? Is it money? Is it a career? Is it a goal such as having a certain type of house or being able to marry a certain person? Is it a particular lifestyle? Is your goal to go to a certain college, or to move out on your own or to purchase that special new car? Perhaps your motivation is more short-term—getting through the work week or planning a special outing.

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Honesty, the Church and the power of the Gospel
by Victor Kubik
(Posted Posted August 22, 2014)

"Preach the word! Be ready in season and out of season. Convince, rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and teaching" (2 Timothy:4:2). These are strong words.

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No Justice, No Peace or Know Justice, Know Peace
by Sherrie G
(Posted Posted August 22, 2014)

It is a difficult time for those living in and around the St. Louis Metro area. The shooting death of Mike Brown, at the hands of a police officer, has left the streets of Ferguson, MO in a state of turmoil. By day, protestors march along the streets carrying signs displaying the words, "No Justice, No Peace." When the sun goes down and night falls the protests often become riots, which result in the burning of businesses, looting, brawls, and shootings. This in turn is met by the police with smoke bombs, tear gas, and arrests.

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Face-to-Face: How Important Are Physical Meetings?
by Randy Stiver
(Posted Posted August 22, 2014)

Have humans evolved far enough to no longer need face-to-face meetings to conduct business, negotiate peace treaties or spiritually fellowship?

Answer: Humans have not evolved, we were created! And research shows that we were created to communicate with each other at reasonably close quarters.

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God's Way on the Highway: Principles for Driving
by Kevin Greer
(Posted Posted August 18, 2014)

Driving is something almost everyone does, and is something everyone can relate to. From our youth we’re fixated with Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars, and then we strive to finally get our driver’s license when we come of age. We spend so much time in our cars that they become part of our identity and an integral piece of our lives. If our car breaks down, we hurry to fix it and secure alternate transportation. Since automobiles are so vital to our lives, what principles should a Christian keep in mind when on the road?

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Do What You Promised To Do; Finish What You Start
by Victor Kubik
(Posted Posted August 14, 2014)

As a long-time pastor and administrator, I'm regularly asked to give a few words of advice to young people. Based on my experience over the years, parents often ask me to write success pointers to a graduating son or daughter.

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Is Life Worth Living?
by Darris McNeely
(Posted Posted August 14, 2014)

The death of Robin Williams is a shock to anyone who loves to laugh. That he died by apparent suicide is a shock to all who love life. That both laughter and life were thought to be loved by one whom we loved is the true tragedy of this incident. Apparently Williams suffered from depression and most of us wouldn’t have known it. We were too busy enjoying his immense talent.

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The Death and Resurrection of Humor
by Randy Stiver
(Posted Posted August 14, 2014)

Actor and comedian Robin Williams died this week of apparent suicide. He battled drug addiction most of his life, but for 20 years of his professional life he stayed clean. Not surprisingly, his Academy awards nominations came from his work during those two decades.

He was a funny man—although, like most modern comedians, sometimes he mocked things that ought not be ridiculed, like marriage, family, honor and God. Yet when his humor was clean, he was a master of comic timing and exaggeration, producing stress-reducing laughter for many people in many nations.

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