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Approve, Hold and Abstain
by Jacob Mammen
(Posted Posted September 20, 2014)

“Test (approve) all things; hold fast what is good. Abstain from every form of evil.” (1 Thessalonians:5:21).

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The Three Most Often Asked Questions - Are they Yours?
by Victor Kubik
(Posted Posted September 18, 2014)

Various polls mention these questions up as those that people bring up most and would like an answer to: Why were you born? What is the purpose of life?, Is there a God? and What happens after death?

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Domestic Violence - Are You a Victim?
by Janet Treadway
(Posted Posted September 18, 2014)

Domestic violence is once again in the headline news. The NFL is under attack for how they handled one of their players in regards to his beating of his then-fiancée in an elevator. We have all probably seen the news clip of the fight in the elevator. Ray Rice, player for the Baltimore Ravens, delivered a vicious punch to his fiancée’s face, knocking her out cold. While this made the news because it was in front of a camera, far more goes on with domestic violence that people don’t see.

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Do You Stand for Something?
by Dan Dowd
(Posted Posted September 17, 2014)

Those who stand for nothing fall for anything .” – Alex Hamilton, journalist

This quote has been increasingly used by media and marketing pundits encouraging businesses to take a position on some social topic. For every customer gained by taking a stance on a controversial topic however, another customer can be lost. Being opinionated has its ups and downs.

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Why the Scottish Vote For Independence Matters
by Darris McNeely
(Posted Posted September 10, 2014)

Lost in all the fear and concern over what the United States will do about the growing threat in the Middle East from ISIS is next week’s vote on Scottish independence. This historic vote, set for September 18, is off the radar of most Americans. It’s likely only a few within the Washington policy establishment are watching it with any idea what is at stake. While the growing threat from another terrorist group has grabbed our attention this little watched issue could impact the effectiveness of any response to this new danger.

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Our Speech: What About Cursing and Evil Language?
by Kevin Greer
(Posted Posted September 10, 2014)

We encounter language considered “foul” in all aspects of life, even those that used to be expected to be “too professional” for that type of speech. I’ve ran into it frequently at school, work, and various other places, and peer pressure is a powerful tool Satan can use to influence us to sin. While some people claim to be “above” swearing, cussing, and taking God’s name in vain, we have all at one point or another said something we had to apologize for or wish we could take back.

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Getting Serious About God
by Darris McNeely
(Posted Posted September 5, 2014)

I guess it is age that makes me think the way I do but I seem to be taking God a bit more seriously than I used to. I was taught about God in my youth and studied about Him in college and became a minister as a young adult. I have taught many people about God and thought a great deal about God through the years. But it seems in recent months I have become even more serious about God and what this life is all about.

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Diligence: How Can It Help Your Education?
by Amanda Stiver
(Posted Posted September 5, 2014)

I remember that day. It was forty-five minutes before my Art History class and I was cramming my head full of paintings, the names of painters, dates, who commissioned the artist, and where it was currently displayed. I had made flash-cards for all one-hundred pieces of artwork and as I sat there systematically memorizing them I flipped through the stack like a blur. The minutes were counting down. The exam was coming ever closer.

I thought I was being clever. Memorizing a test’s worth of images and information less than an hour before class. Wasn’t I smart?

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What Is Your Mission Statement?
by Cody_Martin20
(Posted Posted September 2, 2014)

“Your life is your business.”— Pascoe Sawyers, personal leadership trainer

Entrepreneurs beginning a new venture have a mission statement of what they want their business to accomplish. A mission statement is how a company or organization focuses on the goals they want to accomplish. It expresses the things that are most important to them.

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Humanity's Most-asked Question: "Why Were You Born?" to Be Addressed at United Church of God public Bible Presentation
by Peter Eddington
(Posted Posted August 29, 2014)

From BBC research to legendary psychologists, the age-old question "why were you born?" shows up as the most-asked question in human history. "In the uncertain age that we live in, understanding the answer to the question 'why was I born' can help people find peace, meaning and real spiritual strength," says national TV host and author Gary Petty, who will lead a major presentation in Cincinnati, Ohio on Sept. 10.

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