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Do We Need to Fear World Events?
by Scott Hoefker
(Posted Posted September 30, 2014)

Have you ever experienced a fear of flying?

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Entertainment for Christians: What Is the Standard?
by Kevin Greer
(Posted Posted September 26, 2014)

Entertainment takes many forms throughout our society and influences our lives and our culture to a great degree. Therefore, it is important for Christians to take a stance on when enough is enough. How much violence? Is this too sexual? What about swearing and Satanism? We must individually examine our entertainment through many lenses and carefully consider a variety of factors as we strive to reach the spiritual goal of “bringing every thought in captivity to the obedience of Christ” (2 Corinthians:10:5).

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Do You Value Your Owner's Manual, Your Survival Guide?
by Janet Treadway
(Posted Posted September 24, 2014)

In an article titled, “Keep that Bible Out of my Room,” an atheist, Buckner, believes that no religious literature should be provided in government-owned lodging, and he presented that concern to management at the Amicalola Falls State Park. He wanted them removed from the rooms.

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Who is God? 3 Steps to Get to Know Him
by Randy Stiver
(Posted Posted September 23, 2014)

There are several ways you can start getting to really know God. There was this guy name Balaam—a sort of prophet for hire—who got to know God through a talking donkey and then a terrifying face-to-face with the point of an angel’s sword (read about it in Numbers 22). Don’t recommend that way though—especially since Balaam acted more stubborn than his donkey!

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The Power of Life Is In the Tongue
by Steven Britt
(Posted Posted September 22, 2014)

I had the opportunity this summer to serve as a counselor for the first time at Camp Woodmen, part of the United Church of God's United Youth Camps program. As a counselor, I found myself constantly focused on others and giving of myself without hesitation and without limits. If someone needed encouragement, I stepped in and encouraged; if they needed advice, I gave advice; if they had a question, I was glad to give them the answer that God has led me to over the course of my Christian walk.

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by Janet Treadway
(Posted Posted September 21, 2014)

I recently watched a TV show featuring people who were involved in reaching out to help others. It was through their own pain that they decided that reaching out to others would aid in their own healing process from pain, grief and loss. There was one lady whose story really touched my heart. She told of the story of her teen’s last words to her and his dad before he took his own life, which were, “You think I am a loser.” Then he shot and killed himself right in front of them.

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Approve, Hold and Abstain
by Jacob Mammen
(Posted Posted September 20, 2014)

“Test (approve) all things; hold fast what is good. Abstain from every form of evil.” (1 Thessalonians:5:21).

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The Three Most Often Asked Questions - Are they Yours?
by Victor Kubik
(Posted Posted September 18, 2014)

Various polls mention these questions up as those that people bring up most and would like an answer to: Why were you born and what is the purpose of life?, Is there a God? and What happens after death?

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Domestic Violence - Are You a Victim?
by Janet Treadway
(Posted Posted September 18, 2014)

Domestic violence is once again in the headline news. The NFL is under attack for how they handled one of their players in regards to his beating of his then-fiancée in an elevator. We have all probably seen the news clip of the fight in the elevator. Ray Rice, player for the Baltimore Ravens, delivered a vicious punch to his fiancée’s face, knocking her out cold. While this made the news because it was in front of a camera, far more goes on with domestic violence that people don’t see.

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Do You Stand for Something?
by Dan Dowd
(Posted Posted September 17, 2014)

Those who stand for nothing fall for anything .” – Alex Hamilton, journalist

This quote has been increasingly used by media and marketing pundits encouraging businesses to take a position on some social topic. For every customer gained by taking a stance on a controversial topic however, another customer can be lost. Being opinionated has its ups and downs.

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