The most recent National Council updates are listed below:


The National Conference is required to have an annual meeting. This year it occurred on September 14. This was the first time this meeting was conducted using WebEx. Eighteen out of twenty members were online. All twenty members participated in the balloting, which was done by mail.

The meeting officially began with Larry DeLong giving the opening prayer. The first item on the agenda was an address by the Director of Operations. Anthony Wasilkoff began by giving some statistics showing what we are doing as a work in Canada. He then shared a few letters that the National Office had received showing how important the information we are giving people is. One individual asked for prayers so that he might learn the truth more fully.

The address continued with the question, “would it make a difference if we earnestly asked God to bless each Beyond Today program, for people to be called in each Province and if we prayed for increased income?” Overall, our indicators are positive and encouraging and it is a privilege to be part of the Work of God!

On behalf of the Media Team, David Palmer related that the president of CBS television recently wrote that the Internet is having very little impact on television as people use both. TV advertising makes people aware of a product. The Internet then often gives more information. That is what happens with the Beyond Today television.

Over the summer, Paul Wasilkoff re-worked our websites to make them have a similar feel or similar “branding.” He also worked to make it possible to view the websites more easily on mobile devices...

The Ministerial Services Team report stated that we now have 22 congregations and two outlying Bible Study groups in Canada. In July, the average Sabbath Service attendance was 541. There will be an all-Canada Ministerial Conference in June 2015 and Victor Kubik will be invited to attend. We do have challenges:  people migrate from one church to another; aberrant doctrinal beliefs (i.e. sacred names, alternate calendar, how many offerings per year, etc.); aging ministry.

Edwin van Pelt presented the Treasurer’s Address. He noted that anyone can go to the Canada Revenue website and access a charity’s return. He noted that over the past few months, attendance has increased and more have filled in membership forms. Eighty percent of our income comes from members so this is an encouraging trend. Postage rates went up this past year, but we were able to distribute 95,000 items.

The annual audit was conducted during the summer and members of the National Conference had received a copy of the report. The Treasurer read the letter included with the annual Audit report.

The next item on the agenda was the Address by the Chairman. Rainer Salomaa’s topic was “Trees.”  He quoted Psalm 1:3 and Isaiah 61:3, which compare the righteous to trees. Trees have things that damage them just as the church has occasional difficulties. Mr. Salomaa quoted UCG-Canada Bylaw 4.1 which shows that we have a work to do – to preach the gospel and care for the disciples. To do this we walk by faith. He concluded by complimenting the team effort we have in Canada.

The next portion of the meeting was formal business. The National Conference by resolution approved having the next annual meeting by WebEx on September 13, 2015. The Secretary then announced the ballot results. The 2014 National Conference Minutes and auditors report were approved. The firm of Marsh Goulding was approved for the next audit. By resolution, Larry DeLong, John Erickson and Patrick Read were appointed to the National Council to serve three-year terms which would begin immediately after the Annual Meeting concluded.

The meeting ended with a closing prayer by Daniel Berendt.


The third quarter meeting of the National Council took place by WebEx immediately following the annual meeting of the National Conference on September 14. The meeting was called to order by chairman, Rainer Salomaa after which Lloyd Teetaert gave an opening prayer.

The June 19-22 Regular Minutes, and Executive Minutes from June 22 and 22 were adopted. Following that, the 2015/2016 Strategic Plan was approved to be presented to the National Conference for their ratification in June.

It is required that the National Council approve the T3010 before it is submitted to the CRA. This was discussed and some edits made to the T1235 form that is attached to the T3010. The edited version was subsequently submitted and approved.

A date for the next meeting was scheduled. That meeting will occur on Monday, December 15 by WebEx. It was determined that the June meeting would be followed by a Ministerial Conference. Victor Kubik will be invited to attend. The Council suggested two possible dates and will firm that up in December.

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