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The week of June 7-14 was an especially busy one at the National Office. On Tuesday, the Compliance Task Force met to work on a policy to bring us into compliance with the government’s anti-spam legislation. The Ministerial Services Team and Media Team each conducted meetings on Wednesday. Then on Thursday and Friday, the National Council held its annual face-to-face meeting.

During the Council meetings, Rainer Salomaa gave a Council of Elders update where committees were realigned and a proposed church logo discussed.

Anthony Wasilkoff informed the Council that the office lease expires on April 1, 2016. Office Staff is working to negotiate to renew the lease or find a different location. Edwin van Pelt reported that the auditor would be in the office during the week of June 22 for the annual audit. He also reported that about 20 new donors were added to the database during the first three Holy Days this year.

The Media Team reported that there will be a “trailer” running on the Beyond Today programs promoting a personal appearance by Darris McNeely in Calgary just prior to the Feast this year.

During the Ministerial Services Team Report, Feast Coordinators gave updates on how plans for the fall festival are coming. The main difficulty for all is that so many people do not register making it difficult to plan. Several sites are in need of additional help with the various activities.

The Ministerial Services Team is actively looking at the need of trainees especially as some senior pastors retire.

A resolution to disband the Women’s Advisory Committee was put forward. The National Council members presented their thoughts on the resolution and were in agreement with it. The Committee was established in 1996 and has only been called upon once since that time. The motion to approve that resolution was adopted unanimously.

Paul Wasilkoff was asked to give a presentation about the UCG-Canada website. He began by explaining the online donation process.  It is Interac based and used by most banks in Canada. He noted that there should be minimal security risk for individuals using this since we do not store their information on our site. He asked for guidelines as to what the Council wished him to do regarding some technical details on the website. He was instructed to maintain our own pages for the Good News and Beyond Today.

The Strategic Planning/Finance Committee discussed concerns about insurance. They also discussed the office lease and what would be an acceptable increase in monthly rent. They discussed the possibility of testing a lease car for a pastor with high mileage. They also suggested dates for council meetings for the next year.

The Governance Committee worked on creating a new council evaluation form.
The Compensation Committee is looking at the need for an area wage adjustment for employees who live in areas with a higher cost of living. They continue to evaluate the salary ranges of employees to be sure they are appropriate.

The Compliancy Task Force proposed a policy to comply with the Anti-Spam legislation. This policy was approved with the proviso that it would be looked at by a lawyer and may need tweaking at a later date.

UCGia President, Victor Kubik, was present during the last day of Council meetings. He gave a short report on current developments at the Home Office. Many U.S. pastors are retiring in the next few years. The Home Office has just hired six ministerial trainee couples. There is an online training program that is helping train individuals. They are also looking at bi-vocational pastors who either volunteer their time or work for a stipend.

There was also a short discussion about the need for a new logo for the church, but this would not replace our church seal.

Aaron Dean mentioned how many of the young people are rising to the occasion when they are given opportunities. He shared details of a recent trip he made to Kenya.

Michael Erickson put forward a resolution for hiring a trainee. The resolution was adopted. This resolution gives the Director of Operation approval to hire a trainee within the current fiscal year. Victor Kubik said there may be hiring possibilities from the USA, if UCG - Canada is not able to hire from within. An additional resolution was approved to hire a part-time employee for the National Office.

Mike Whyte was reappointed to the Amendment Committee since his three year term had expired.

The National Conference held a short meeting on the morning of Sunday, June 14 with all but two members present. The purpose of this specially called meeting was to approve a resolution needed to comply with the rules of the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act. The National Conference approved a resolution for collecting, counting, verifying and reporting National Conference absentee ballots. After the resolution was approved, signatures were collected to go along with that resolution. Paul Wasilkoff explained a potential method for conducting ballots via the Internet to save time and expense of using Canada Post.

Rainer Salomaa encouraged more elders to allow their names to be placed on the ballot for National Council. The National Conference was then informed of the decision of the National Council to hire a ministerial trainee.

Linda Wasilkoff

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