The most recent National Council updates are listed below:

JUNE 19-22, 2014

The National Council met at the National Office on June 19, 20 and 22. Michael Erickson was unable to attend due the death of his wife, Angie. They were both missed very much. Guests in attendance were Victor and Beverly Kubik, Peter and Terri Eddington, Paul Wasilkoff and several council members’ spouses.

Chairman, Rainer Salomaa gave an update on the Council of Elders and two of its committees that he is on. The Strategic Plan will be under review, as that occurs every three years. The Council will take a day to review suggested edits to the bylaws as put forth by the Roles and Rules Committee and the Governing Documents Review Team. A task force has been set up by the COE to review aspects of ABC. At the last face-to-face meeting, binders containing council related documents were given to each council member. This is similar to what the United Church of God Canada National Council has had for several years.

A National Office update was given by Anthony Wasilkoff and Edwin van Pelt. Mr. van Pelt presented a PowerPoint that showed, among other things, statistics related to subscribers of the Good News, Bonnes Nouvelles and United News Canada.

Council members were given a copy of the latest version of the Constitution along with a handout showing what is expected of directors and officers of not-for-profit corporations in Canada.

Anthony Wasilkoff gave a report on behalf of the Ministerial Services Team. He related an overview of the congregations and 2014 feast sites in Canada.

The Media Team report was given by Dennis Horlick. The team is composed of David Palmer, Anthony Wasilkoff, Edwin van Pelt, Paul Wasilkoff and Dennis Horlick. The Beyond Today television program has just finished its eighth year of airing in Canada. A PowerPoint by Mr. van Pelt showed the growth and most requested booklets.

Paul Wasilkoff had been invited to the council meetings to give a presentation about local websites. Currently, Canada maintains its own local websites. The U.S. will be importing all congregational websites into their ucg.org website. The Council reviewed some of the legal ramifications in Canada of having Canadian congregational pages tied to the ucg.org website. After discussion, the Council approved the following recommendation:

For the Canadian congregations listed on ucg.org, only the contact page with a link back to the official respective UCG-Canada congregational page will appear. Photo uploads, blogs and sermon pages on ucg.org will be excluded.

The Strategic Planning/Finance Committee had done extensive research on the possibility of employee pensions. After studying the costs involved and the church’s income it was determined this is not feasible at this time. An alternative employee service recognition plan was proposed and approved. A study of the cost of car rental versus paying mileage was presented for discussion to demonstrate significant savings.

The Governance Committee presented an amendment to a vacation policy, and new policies for electronic mail. These policies were approved. A copyright policy was presented and approved. This policy will be distributed to all pastors to share with anyone that might be affected.

Victor Kubik spoke on lessons he has learned in his first year as president. Peter Eddington related extensive media plans and how they may affect international areas including Canada.

As is required, the National Council approved the agenda for the next Annual Meeting of the National Conference.

The meetings ended with a brainstorming session followed by the annual evaluation of the Director of Operations.

Linda Wasilkoff

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