The most recent National Council updates are listed below:


The National Council conducted its first meeting of 2015 on the evening of March 16 using WebEx technology. All nine members were online. After the Minutes of the December meeting were adopted,  various reports were presented.

The Director of Operations reported that 25 new donors were added to our database as a result of the Subscriber Development letter from last November. That letter had a 13.4 percent response rate. The response to the latest Subscriber Development letter are beginning to come in and it is looking good.

The Council was informed that the contract for a potential Feast site in Quebec has not yet been firmed up. Room rates are still too high and there is too much liability for the church built into the existing contract.

The church had been receiving a free time slot in addition to what we were paying for on Vision TV for airing the Beyond Today television program. This is no longer available because someone has purchased the time. They will be finding a new time slot for us.

Paul Wasilkoff gave a demonstration on what the online donation process will look like. There is a need to do some further testing with it to be sure that it will work for us. The system will use Interac which means anyone using online donations must have set up online banking and have access to an Interac card. They will use the card number and their own password for that card. This will be approved by the bank and then the individual and the church will receive conformation of the transaction.

Edwin van Pelt reported that as the fiscal year is close to ending we are pretty well on track with donations. He noted that last year about 70 percent of the income came from members and 30 percent from donors and coworkers.

Rainer Salomaa gave an overview of what the Council of Elders has been working on. He noted that the February meetings were very productive with many items being completed. Some of these will be reflected in what will be presented to the General Conference of Elders in May. He reported that the work in the U.S. is doing well financially.

Each committee chairman gave a short update on what his committee is working on. All will do more work when they meet face-to-face. The Compliancy Task Force asked for a short meeting of the National Conference during the Ministerial Conference in June to seek approval of a resolution on how absentee ballots will be collected and counted. The National Council approved that. The Task Force will complete the resolution to submit to and receive approval from the National Council before it is sent to the National Conference.

Paul Wasilkoff has been working on placing a French version of the Bible on the ucg.ca website. He has this partially done and will complete it once other time sensitive matters are taken care of.

There was a short executive meeting following the regular meeting.

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