The most recent National Council updates are listed below:


The National Council conducted its last meeting of the year on December 14, 2015 by WebEx. All nine members of the Council plus the Treasurer and Secretary were online.

After the opening prayer and the approval of the September minutes, the National Office update was given. Anthony Wasilkoff provided statistics from recent subscriber development letters showing the cost per response and the value of the donations each letter generated. He also gave background on office lease renewal negotiations.

In his overview of church finances, Edwin van Pelt noted that the there is a small but growing number of individuals using online donations. One person using it was not previously on our files.

An update of the December Council of Elders meeting was given by Rainer Salomaa. One area under consideration is planned giving. The COE also discussed the need to expand the Home Office building.

Committee chairmen were scheduled to give updates on what the committees are working on. The Strategic Planning/Finance committee had been working with the National Office in preparing next year’s budget. The Governance Committee and Compensation committees have work scheduled for the face-to-face meeting in June.

Whenever there is change in council composition, there is often a need to re-align the committees and assign the new person to a committee. Michael Erickson requested to be moved from the Governance committee to the Strategic Planning/Finance committee. Peter Corrigan was then assigned to the Governance Committee and the Compensation committee. Since Bill Dimovski is now working for the church, he will no longer serve on the Compensation committee. These changes were unanimously approved by the National Council.

The 2016/2017 Operations Plan was reviewed by Anthony Wasilkoff. This plan has adjustments, revisions and updates year by year. Michael Erickson pointed out that hiring of Paul Wasilkoff brought the average age of the salaried elders down from 69 to 64.

The 2016/2017 Budget was presented by Edwin van Pelt. It is based upon a projected one percent increase in actual donations received in the past year. There are the normal increases in expenditures. Also budgeted for is an additional salary for hiring a minister. There will also be a slight increase in the mileage reimbursement rate. Both the Operations Plan and Budget were accepted to be presented to the National Conference for their ratification in March.

A resolution to give the Director of Operations the ability to renew the National Office lease was put forth and adopted. Bill Dimovski gave an overview of the negotiations that have occurred prior to the lease extension agreement.

Michael Erickson presented a proposed policy “Records to be Kept.” This policy outlines which records are required to be preserved, how long they are to be kept and who is responsible for having the records stored. All these requirements have been met, but this policy will help ensure that regulations are met even when there is a change in personnel. Committee chairman were reminded to keep minutes of all their meetings. This policy was adopted unanimously.

Linda Wasilkoff

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