The most recent National Council updates are listed below:


Rainer Salomaa began the meeting by giving condolences to the Wasilkoff and Williams families on the loss of young Calvin, who was born seven and a half weeks premature in Houston, Texas and lived for only one day.

The National Council held its first meeting of the year by WebEx on Monday evening March 14. All nine members plus the treasurer and secretary were online. The December 14, 2015 regular and executive minutes were adopted.

Then a National Office update was given by Anthony Wasilkoff and Edwin van Pelt. Manpower needs have been high on the priority and the Council was told that John Elliott will begin to pastor the Vancouver and Vancouver Island congregations allowing David Palmer to reduce his workload and become the associate pastor. This decision was made with input from David Palmer.

Another hire is Jim Lucas who will work part-time for the time being, helping mainly in Southern Ontario. Jim will continue his business, but slowly reduce his clientele. Mike Caputo had a heart attack and will not be hired part-time in April, as had been planned. It is hoped that he will be able to continue working for UCG once he recuperates.

Our main media effort continues to be the Beyond Today television program. We have been checking the possibility of placing an ad in Reader’s Digest but it is expensive and their readership is down. Bill Dimovski will continue to be in touch with them.

It was noted that the income for the month of March is below budget; however the online donations are increasing.

Rainer Salomaa gave highlights from the recent Council of Elders meeting, mentioning that Victor Kubik was reappointed to another term as president.  He also mentioned that Jorge de Campos, the minister responsible for our efforts throughout the Portuguese-speaking countries, presented information to the Council about a church in Angola with similar beliefs to ours. They have been very gracious in contacting us.  Mr. de Campos plans to visit the leadership of the church in Angola after the Days of Unleavened Bread.

The committee chairmen reported that they will have work to do in June during the face-to-face meeting. The Compliance Task Force will be working on additional procedures for some policies in order to be in compliance with legislation.

Charles Desgrosseilliers is finishing his term on the Amendment Committee and will be replaced by Kevin Ford. By unanimous consent, the National Council appointed Kevin Ford to a three-year term on the Amendment Committee starting April 1, 2016.

The Secretary read the ballot results of a National Conference Action by Written Ballot Without a Meeting. The Strategic Plan, Operations Plan and Budget for the 2016/2017 year were all approved.

The next Council meeting will be face-to-face in Calgary on June 2-3.

Linda Wasilkoff

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