Bible Study Lessons

Only one book gives us the answers to life's crucial questions: Why are we here? Where is the world headed? What does the future hold? Our eye opening course of 12 lessons will make the Bible come alive as it leads you through the biblical answers to these and other questions!

Bible Study Lesson 1: Why the Bible is the Word of God

Discover how the Bible reveals great truths that, when comprehended, can transform your life in ways you've never imagined.


Bible Study Lesson 2: The Word of God -The Foundation of Knowledge

God's Word reveals the true values by which we must live if we are to solve seemingly insoluble dilemmas that threaten to overwhelm us.


Bible Study Lesson 3: Why Did God Create Mankind?

In this Bible Study Lesson, you will find answers to why you were born and what your future will be.


Bible Study Lesson 4:Why Does God Allow Suffering?

How do we reconcile anguish and suffering with the Bible's portrayal of a loving God?


Bible Study Lesson 5: Is There Hope For Human Survival?

Many of these threats to human survival play prominent roles in prophecies in the Bible.


Bible Study Lesson 6: What Is the Gospel of the Kingdom?

Is the work of organized religion the Kingdom of God on earth today?


Bible Study Lesson 7: The Calling of God

What is the meaning of God's relationship with humans?


Bible Study Lesson 8: What is Christian Conversion?

In this lesson we examine the process by which our lives can be turned to God -- the process of conversion.


Bible Study Lesson 9: The Transforming Power of God's Holy Spirit

In this lesson we discuss the remarkable change, made possible by the transforming power of God's Spirit.


Bible Study Lesson 10: What Is The Church?

What does the Bible mean when it talks about the Church?


Bible Study Lesson 11: Christianity-A Way of Life

Is it acceptable to believe we are free to worship God as we wish, to refashion God in our own image?


Bible Study Lesson 12: God's Festivals-Keys to Humanity's Future

See how God has provided us with the keys to unlock His plan through His sacred festivals.


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