Is There Hope For Human Survival?

Many of these threats to human survival play prominent roles in prophecies in the Bible.


Many threats to human survival play prominent roles in prophecies in the Bible.

Threats to Physical Survival

As we will see in this lesson, many of these threats to human survival play prominent roles in prophecies in the Bible.

First the Good News

Many people assume that Bible prophecy is all bad news. But the Bible is also clear that both bad news and good news lie ahead.

Can We Know the Future?

Humankind has long found intriguing the idea of somehow knowing the future.

Do Not be Deceived

Jesus begins with a sobering warning: Do not allow yourself to be deceived! Many people are familiar with Jesus Christ's Olivet Prophecy.

A Dangerous and Dying World

Besides massive religious deception, what other conditions did Jesus Christ predict would envelop the world at the end of our age?

A Sudden and Dangerous Turn of Events

Jesus said that events leading up to His return would take most people by surprise. They will be like people in Noah's day who continued their daily routines thinking life would go on as usual.

A Solemn Warning to Believers

Although the Bible is clear that no one will know the exact time of Christ's return, both Jesus and Paul said that Christ's followers should be able to recognize the signs leading to it.

The Book of Revelation: Timetable for the End Time

The book of Revelation-a revealing of the future-is history written in advance.

An Unseen Evil Influence

What is the major source of the widespread spiritual blindness that prevents people from understanding God's truth?

An Evil Influence Removed

Before Jesus Christ can transform the world through the Kingdom of God, he must first remove Satan's poisonous influence from humanity.

Does Bible Prophecy Tell Us When Jesus Christ Will Return?

God in His Word gives us a broad outline and sequence of prophetic events.

Story Flow of the Book of Revelation

The story flow of the book of Revelation.

Chapter Outline of the Book of Revelation

Chapter Outline of the Book of Revelation

Was Jesus the Promised Messiah?

What was Jesus Christ's purpose? Why did He come to earth? Why will He come again?


A brief summary of definitions for words used in this lesson.

Points to Ponder

These questions are intended as a study aid, to spur further thought on the concepts discussed in this lesson and to help you apply them on a personal level.


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