Lesson 10: What is the Church?

At first the New Testament Church grew:

What identifies a false teacher?

When will Christ symbolically marry the Church?

Who said, “I will build My Church”?

What does the Greek word “Ekklesia” mean?

What did the New Testament Church believe?

What slowed and eventually stopped initial Church growth?

What should members of God's Church today do?

God’s New Testament Church:

When did the New Testament Church begin?

What does the Bible instruct the Church to do?

Who is the head of the Church?

At the first resurrection, Christians become:

What major characteristic defines the members of the true Church?

The Bible says that:

Why was Abraham valued by God?

What is a major analogy representing God’s Church?

What is the Church instructed to do?

What best describes the role of an elder?

The Church is:

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