Lesson 2: The Word of God: The Foundation of Knowledge

Which New Testament apostle put Paul’s writings on a level with the other Scriptures?

Who or what was the true source of the inspiration of David?

What canonical book of biblical philosophy did King Solomon write?

What does the first book of Moses, Genesis, mean in the Greek language?

In terms of the written word, who are the three major prophets of the Old Testament?

What has Satan’s desire been and what does it continue to be?

According to Ecclesiastes what is man’s main duty?

Where did the apostles mainly quote Scripture from, after the crucifixion?

Why is Solomon considered the wisest man of ancient times?

How can we express God’s love more perfectly?

Who wrote the first five books of the Bible?

What does King Jehoiakim’s destruction of the scroll delivered to him from Jeremiah show?

What is the threefold division of the Hebrew Scriptures, as recognized by Jesus Christ?

Who or what is primarily responsible for the spiritual disinformation that grips this world?

What kind of knowledge should we seek?

What is the main benefit of God’s law?

Who was Paul?

The New Testament writers� attitude toward the Hebrew Scriptures is evident in that:

To whose ancient period did Christ compare world conditions just prior to His return?

What was one of Christ’s purposes for coming into the world?

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