Lesson 3: Why Did God Create Mankind?

What does the spirit in man mean?

What has God’s purpose for humanity always been?

How is God the Father portrayed in the Bible?

What was one mission Jesus Christ was able to fulfill?

How is the process of salvation initiated for us?

Which name applied to Christ represents His identification with the human condition?

Which of these expresses our love to God?

In what miraculous way did the Father express love to His Son?

Who was the one known as Jesus Christ?

As taught in the Bible, what does salvation offer?

What distinguishes mankind from the rest of God’s creation?

Which king, upon viewing the vastness of the heavens, reflected on God’s interest in man?

What has God given mankind dominion over in this age of man?

What is the ultimate purpose of suffering in this life?

What is God's purpose in creating man, in regards to becoming a part of His family?

Who is the source of biblical truth?

What is the relationship between God and Jesus Christ?

Who did Christ instruct us to direct our prayer to?

What did Christ state about the words He spoke?

Why were human beings not created until the sixth day?

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