Lesson 4: Why Does God Allow Suffering?

Was evidence of time and chance.

Divine physical and emotional healing:

A Christian should:

Suffering at the hand of others:

The general principle of time and chance:

When the apostle Paul was called to Christianity, what was he assured of?

Suffering by true Christians:

Suffering can often be traced to this simple principle:

For many people, the most overwhelming objection to a belief in God is:

One purpose of Christ’s coming was to:

Jesus Christ had to suffer:

One way to help reduce suffering is:

Ultimately, sovereignty in the universe rests with:

What crucial decision brought the first human suffering into the world?

Disobeying God’s law by choosing wrongly:

A great biblical example of patient suffering was provided by:

The suffering of the righteous, works toward the building of:

Righteous suffering by true Christians:

The fall of the tower of Siloam:

As the unseen ruler of this world, Satan’s capacity to cause human suffering is:

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