What Is Christian Conversion?

In this lesson we examine the process by which our lives can be turned to God-the process of conversion.


In this lesson we examine the process by which our lives can be turned to God-the process of conversion.

A Reminder

As we suggested in previous lessons, we encourage you to look up, in your own Bible, all the scriptural references mentioned but not directly quoted in this lesson.

God's Commitment to Change Our Nature

Only God can give us the power to rightly manage our thoughts and attitudes and resist the temptations that surround us.

What is Conversion?

In this lesson we examine the process by which our lives can be turned to God-the process of conversion.

What is Sin?

Let's examine the aspects of sin most commonly referred to in the Bible.

Our Sinful Nature

What within us leads us to sin?

How We Are Tempted

Satan is a master at tempting us to yield to our weaknesses and selfish desires.

The Importance of Repentance

What does the Bible say about real repentance and its importance to our relationship with God.

What is Repentance?

Genuine repentance produces a change in the way we live, even in the way we think.

Baptism: Why Do We Need It?

It is through baptism that we formally make our commitment to permanently turn from sin and surrender our lives to God.

God's Grace and Forgiveness

It is essential that we understand the real meaning and purpose of God's grace and forgiveness.

Why Must We Be Reconciled to God?

Those reconciled to God through faith in Christ's sacrifice must continue living in the faith-that is, in harmony with the fundamental beliefs taught from all of God's Word.

Is Our Conscience Important?

When we genuinely repent of sins committed after baptism, God forgives us just as He does at the time of baptism. The key lies in our repentant attitude of our heart.

Faith, Choice and Commitment

God wants us to put obedience to Him and seeking His righteousness and His Kingdom ahead of everything else in this life.

When Should We Be Baptized?

Being baptized and receiving the Holy Spirit are the beginning of a new life in Christ. We should request baptism as soon as possible after repenting.

Why We Need the Holy Spirit

Do we, on our own, have the ability to carry out our commitment to God?

The Bible's Broader Concepts of Sin

The Hebrew and Greek words translated sin throughout the Bible focus largely on two concepts - transgression and missing the mark

The Devil's Role in Religion

Blinded by false but popular doctrines and traditions that have passed from one generation to another, these deceived teachers are among Satan's most influential tools of deception.

Other Baptisms

When John the Baptist spoke of baptism with fire and baptism with the Holy Spirit, what did he mean?

A Stirring Example of Faith

We find an inspiring example of God helping His faithful servants in a time of crisis in the book of Daniel.

How Important Are Our Choices?

Will you make the choice to put God first in your life and follow His example?

What Next?

It is beyond the scope of this lesson to cover everything God does for us through His Spirit. Read the next lesson.

Points to Ponder

These questions are intended as a study aid, to spur further thought on the concepts discussed in this lesson and to help you apply them on a personal level.


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