What Now?

Is God calling you to His Church, to participate in its important work?

Is God calling you to His Church, to participate in its important work? Do you have questions you would like to be answered? We warmly welcome your questions and comments. Dedicated ministers are happy to answer them for you through the mail or in person. Please contact our office in your country (or the country nearest you) listed below.

Members of God's Church are praying for you—asking God that you may receive the understanding, strength and courage you need to surrender your life to Him. These same members eagerly look forward to meeting you and working together with you in the Church of God. (See "God's Church Welcomes You," page 12.)

This lesson has covered a great deal of what the Bible teaches about God's Church. But, as always, the Bible contains greater depths of understanding than can be covered in one lesson. To better understand related subjects, be sure to request the following free booklets:

In our next lesson we examine specific biblical principles and practices that relate to daily living a godly life. Don't miss it!


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