Why Did God Create Mankind?

Is there a reason why you exist? In this Bible Study Lesson, you will find answers to why you were born and what your future will be.

Something More to Man?

Biologically, we begin with man as a living organism.

The Limitations of Science

Our modern civilization is ill-suited to meet the deep-seated spiritual needs of its inhabitants.

Man in the Image of God

The book of Genesis tells us that God created man in His own image, forming man from the dust of the earth and breathing into his nostrils the breath of life (Genesis 1:26-27; 2:7).

What is Man?

What is man? Few today have an adequate answer to this enormously significant question.

Was Jesus Christ Truly a Man?

Because of the crucial role Jesus plays in the destiny of mankind, it is essential that we understand His humanity.

Why the Son of Man?

Jesus Christ is called "the Son of Man" more than 80 times in the Bible. It was the term he most commonly used in referring to Himself. Whether in Aramaic (which Jesus spoke), Greek or Hebrew, the expression means an ordinary man.

Jesus Christ: Man and the Image of God

The image of God can be renewed in human beings only through the living presence of Jesus Christ in their lives

Reward and Punishment

God is a God of mercy. He takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked and often delays His judgments in the hope of repentance.

Is Heaven the Reward of the Saved?

The Bible clearly show that Jesus will return here to earth and rule the nations with His saints.

God the Father

It is important for us to learn about God the Father, His nature and character.

God's Great Purpose for Man

Salvation in God's Kingdom is the ultimate purpose of your life.

How to Learn More from this Bible Study Course Lesson

How can you get the most benefit from this Bible Study Course? Here are some useful tips you can use to significantly expand the knowledge and understanding you gain from your study of these Bible lessons.

David: A Shepherd Learns from the Creation

What can we learn from David's example?


A brief summary of definitions for words used in this lesson.

Points to Ponder

Some questions to aid your Bible study


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