Bible Study Tools / The Holy Spirit

Lessons From Childhood

by Linda Wasilkoff

Recently an event from my childhood was brought back to mind. We lived on a farm located about one kilometer from the main highway. Our house was located at the end of an unpaved road and had one other house between us and the highway.

There are many chores to do on a farm. One was to walk down our country lane to the mailbox. It was usually a treat to have that assignment as it might mean a break from weeding the garden or other unpleasant tasks!

One day I was asked to check the mail. I remember a beautiful summer day. All was going well until I got close to our neighbour’s house. Then, I heard yelling and screaming – some of it unintelligible. It was so spooky to be jolted out of the serenity of being surrounded by sounds of nature to hearing yelling. I was so scared I almost returned home without getting our mail!

We knew the people who lived in that house. I could even recognize the voice I was hearing. Then I was able to make out one sentence as I passed by the house: “Thank you for Acts 2:38.”

When I arrived home, I asked my Mom what was happening. She explained that the individual believed in “speaking in tongues” and that was what I had been hearing. She went on to explain what the Bible actually teaches about the subject.

Recently, I read through the book of Acts once again. It again struck me how a careful reading of Acts, chapter 2, shows that it was Christ’s disciples who spoke in tongues – not everyone – and that they were not speaking gibberish. The miracle had a purpose – to be able to communicate with many from many other parts of the world in their own languages.

Another verse I found very comforting as I read through the book of Acts was 9:31. It states that the churches had the peace and comfort of the Holy Spirit and they multiplied. This is the miracle I would ask for on this coming Pentecost. However, it will require effort and cooperation on our part.

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