Angels: God's Messengers and Spirit Army
Angels: God's Messengers and Spirit Army

Angels: God's Messengers and Spirit Army

We’ve all heard stories of supernatural intervention—some of them may even be your stories! Let’s take a look in our Bibles and examine some of the interesting and profound verses that give us insight into these servants of God.



Angels have long been popular in our culture. People hold many ideas about them. But are those ideas accurate? Do they agree with what the Bible reveals?

The Origin of the Spirit Realm

Where did angels come from? How long have these spirit beings existed? Do they have freedom of choice? Let’s look in the Bible to discover the answers.

The Vast Multitudes of Heaven’s Armies

How many angels are there? What does it mean when Scripture refers to God as "the Lord of hosts"? Does the Bible tell us how many angels exist?

Should We Worship or Pray to Angels?

Sometimes people want to give angels extra credit. It’s as if people want their own angel to lift them from adversity or to do their own bidding in personal affairs. They often look to angelic aid without ever calling on God for help. Some people look to angels almost as their own personal genies.

Appearing in Human Form

What do angels look like? Many people think they look like babies or infants, only with wings. But what does God’s Word really say about their appearance?

Did Angels Interbreed With Women to Produce Giants?

Some have taught that this refers to fallen angels interbreeding with human women to produce half-demon giants. But there’s a more rational explanation.

Popular, But Wrong, Ideas About Angels

Don’t be misled by popular, but wrong, ideas. Learn what the Bible reveals about God’s powerful angels!

Where Did the Idea of Angels as Babies Originate?

What about cherubs and winged-babies? Where do these ideas come from?

Leading Angels: Michael and Gabriel

The Bible mentions two angels by name—Michael and Gabriel. What the Bible reveals about them tells us a great deal about the unseen spirit world.

What Is the Origin of Satan and Demons?

How and when were the beginnings of Satan and Demons?

Jesus: Not an Angel but the Angel

Is Jesus an angel, or not?

Different Kinds of Angels

Are all angels alike? Scripture reveals several different kinds of angels, including cherubim, seraphim and several other kinds of spirit beings. What are they like?

Do We Have Reminders of Cherubim From the Ancient World

Does archaeology and mythology indicate knowledge of angelic beings from the past?

Serving God and Mankind

Why did God create the angelic spirit world? What is their purpose? What responsibilities do they hold? Let’s see the answers as revealed in Scripture.

Angels Are Not People Who Died

We seen Biblical evidence of what angels are; what are they not?

Personal Stories of Angelic Encounters

Many people have reported experiences that seemed to involve angelic help. Here we relay the personal stories of some who have had angelic encounters.


Angels are not fable or myth. God created these beings for a specific purpose—a purpose that involves you. The truth is fascinating and encouraging!

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