Tools for Spiritual Growth

Tools for Spiritual Growth

Are you desiring a closer relationship with God? If so, where do you start? What tools can you use to grow spiritually and build that all-important relationship with your Creator? This important study aid will set you on the right path. Read and begin implementing these important elements today!


The Privilege and Power of Prayer

The Bible reveals and discusses important tools we can use to grow spiritually and build our relationship with God the Father and Jesus Christ. We first examine the crucial tool of prayer�a key to communication with our Creator.

The Lord's Prayer as a Guideline

In Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, right after instructing people not to use vain repetition in prayer (Matthew 6:7), He gave a model prayer now referred to as the Lord's Prayer�or "Our Father" for its first words (Matthew 6:9-13).

God Has Conditions for Answered Prayer

It is only logical that God expects us to fulfill certain conditions if we want His help.

Learn, Live and Love the Bible

God has given us His revelation of what we need to know but could not learn on our own. He has given us a handbook for life�the Bible. How can we best use this wonderful tool for spiritual growth He has provided for us?

Great Themes of the Bible

The Bible is unified by profound themes running through it. Although it contains a number of major themes, here are three of the most important.

Proofs of the Bible

God doesn't want blind faith. He wants you to have faith based on solid evidence. "Test [prove] all things; hold fast what is good," He tells us (1 Thessalonians 5:21). You can prove the divine origin, authenticity and accuracy of the Bible.

How to Read, Study and Understand the Bible

Author Bruce Barton called the Bible The Book Nobody Knows. That is practically true, but you can know it.

Meditation: What's on Your Mind?

We can greatly improve the quality of our prayers and Bible study when we think carefully�or meditate�about what God says to us through His Word and what we say to Him in prayer. How can we use the tool of meditation?�

What Should We Meditate About?

What are some of the things we might meditate on to get our minds more attuned to God's way of thinking? Here's a short list to get you started.

Fasting: A Spiritual Power Tool

The Bible shows us that many notable figures spent time in fasting�going without food and drink. God even commands us to fast at least one day each year. What does fasting teach us, and how can we use this tool for growth?

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