Mary & Martha

© Illustration by Michael Woodruff

Bible Personalities: Mary & Martha

It is remarkable how siblings can be so similar, yet so different. Most students of the Bible know about Mary and Martha, who were sisters. Both knew Jesus and even "sat at his feet".

Yet, Mary and Martha expressed different temperments which affected their outlook and actions. Mary prioritized learning; Martha emphasized serving. While Mary tended to be more reserved, Martha tended to be more direct.

Our lives revolve around physical limitations including time, energy and finances. In our daily quest to address our physical needs, we can easily neglect our spiritual needs. Jesus addressed this tendency. He gave us all a powerful object lesson through Mary and Martha.

Each of us has the potential for "Mary" or "Martha" expressions of faith. We must heed the instructions of our Savior to effectively prioritize our energies. Read more compelling lessons about these noteable sisters at:

Mary & Martha - Lessons from Two Sisters

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