The most recent National Council updates are listed below:

National Council March 2018 Meeting

The National Council’s first meeting of 2018 was held on the evening of March 12 by WebEx. As per the norm, the previous minutes were reviewed and one edit was made.

During the National Office update, it was noted that there are several people returning to the church after being away for 20 years or more. It was also noted that though our Beyond Today response rate is down, 30 per cent of those requesting literature have not previously done so. This ratio remains strong.

Edwin van Pelt reported that a number of people received their donation statements in an unsealed envelope. He has tried to determine what caused this and will put some safeguards into place to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.

Rainer Salomaa and Anthony Wasilkoff gave an overview of the February Council of Elders’ meeting held in Big Sandy, Texas. This was followed by each National Council short reports from each committee chair giving an update on what the committees are currently working on.

The Strategic Planning/Finance Committee will be focusing on manpower challenges and next year’s Strategic Plan. The Governance Committee has reviewed all of UCG-Canada’s policies. They are evaluating which need to be changed or updated and should have some ready to be amended in June. The Compensation Committee will be reviewing salaries to ensure they are in compliance with current legislation.

The secretary read the National Conference ballot results. The 2018-2019 Strategic Plan, Operations Plan and Budget were all ratified by the National Conference.

Some additional planning details for the June meetings in Saskatoon were discussed. The travel day will be June 6 with meetings on June 7 and 8. Members of the National Council will be assigned to attend Sabbath services in Saskatoon, North Battleford or Regina on June 9.

There was a short executive meeting following the regular meeting.

Linda Wasilkoff
National Council Secretary

National Council December 2017 Meeting

The National Council’s last meeting of the calendar year took place by WebEx on December 18. In addition to the nine council members and the corporate officers, Bill Dimovski was online. 

Following the approval of the September meeting minutes, Peter Corrigan read the Council Code of Ethics. New members of the council, Stan Kitt and Jim Lucas, gave short ice breakers.

During the National Office update, an overview of a charity law seminar was given covering areas the church needs to be aware of. Of special note was that prayer requests can be a breach of privacy (especially when it is for a child) because it gives private information (health details) of an identifiable individual.

Ed van Pelt reported that the option for online donations is becoming more popular with both the number of donors and amounts donated increasing over the previous year.

Two members of the council are also members of the Council of Elders. They gave an overview of what the COE is doing. Of note was the approval of the Media Center expansion.

The 2018-2019 Operations Plan and Budget were presented and discussed. A few edits were made to both documents before they were approved to be presented to the National Conference for their ratification in March.

At the end of March, Mike Whyte’s Amendment Committee term was to end. The Council decided to re-appoint him to another term on that committee.

The next meeting will be held on March 12 by WebEx. A face-to-face meeting is scheduled for June 7-8 in Saskatoon. Members of the Council will plan to attend services in Saskatoon, Regina or North Battleford on June 9. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dick have been invited to attend this meeting.

There was a short executive meeting following the regular meeting. During that meeting the previous executive minutes were adopted and a few private matters discussed.

Linda Wasilkoff
National Council Secretary

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