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March 2020 National Council Meeting Highlights

The National Council met on March 9 via WebEx with all Council members present. In addition, Secretary Linda Wasilkoff, Treasurer Bill Dimovski and Edwin van Pelt were also online for the meeting.

After the customary opening prayer, the minutes from the December meeting were read and, with one minor edit, approved.

Anthony Wasilkoff gave the Council an update from the National Office and the Ministerial Team followed by a Media update by Paul Wasilkoff and a financial update from Bill Dimovski.

Part of the Media Update included highlights of the Media Team meeting that took place at the National Office in mid-January. The team is working on an internet ad campaign that asks questions designed to engage the public.

Mr. Dimovski provided a financial update to the Council. Income for January was higher than budgeted and expenses were lower than forecast. It was noted that the Home Office would like The United Church of God – Canada to help pay for postage costs of mailing Beyond Today magazine to subscribers in Canada. Although this is included in the budget for 2020-2021 the Council approved this expense by general consent.

Anthony Wasilkoff provided an update on the recent Council of Elders meetings held in February. Two Council members were unable to attend the meetings in person but participated via videoconferencing.

Each Committee chair of the National Council provided updates on the committee’s work. Due to recent changes in the makeup of the National Council, the Strategic Planning and Finance Committee was down to two members. Michael Erickson and Jeff Anderson both were assigned to that committee. A chair for that committee will need to be selected.

Most of the remainder of the meeting was devoted to policy updates. Mr. Erickson, on behalf of the Compliancy Task Force, presented a number of policies that required adoption or amendment. All the policies presented were approved with some being remanded to the Compensation Committee and to the Ministerial Services Team.

A new member for the Amendment Committee was selected. Maryann Halcrow will replace Ellsworth Stanley, whose term expired March 31. Almeda Lucas was selected as an alternate member.

The result of the National Conference balloting for the 2020-2021 Strategic Plan, Operations Plan and Budget were read; all were approved. They go into effect April 1.

The final item of business dealt with the June face-to-face National Council meetings scheduled to be held in the Toronto area.

The meeting lasted just over two hours.

Edwin van Pelt

National Council December 2019 Meeting

Starting at 7:30 (EST) on Monday evening, December 16, 2019, the National Council met for a marathon quarterly meeting. The meeting took place via videoconference. All the members of the Council were present along with two others who gave reports.

After the opening prayer, the minutes from the previous meeting were reviewed and adopted. Jim Lucas then read the Council Code of Ethics.

Newly appointed Council member Jeff Anderson, from the Prince George congregation, gave a short icebreaker. He stated he was looking forward to serving on the Council.

An update from the National Office was given by Anthony Wasilkoff and Edwin van Pelt. Edwin will be transitioning from the role of Treasurer to becoming the Secretary to the Council. Bill Dimovski will become the Treasurer for The United Church of God – Canada.

Council of Elders (COE) member, Anthony Wasilkoff, gave a short update on the recent COE meetings. He covered a number of items that were discussed at the open sessions of the meetings.

A Media Team Update was then given by Paul Wasilkoff. He showed a graphic summary of the “Beyond Today” television responses for the previous 52 week period. Interestingly Newfoundland and Labrador have the greatest response rate based on population. Ontario has the highest overall number of responses.

Paul then reported on the subject of protecting our trademarks. He and Bill Dimovski met with a trademark agent recently to discuss the matter. Further discussion will be required since this is a highly complicated issue.

A brief update by Michael Erickson was given on the activities of the Compliance Task Force. A more detailed report should be available during the June 2020 National Council meeting.

Bill Dimovski provided an update on the proposed retirement plan for employees of The United Church of God – Canada. The Council rescinded a previous resolution and approved a new resolution.

Anthony Wasilkoff then presented the highlights of the 2020-2021 Operations Plan. After some discussion the new plan was adopted unanimously and will be forwarded to all members of the National Conference in February for their review.

The 2020-2021 Budget was presented by Bill Dimovski who went through the highlights of the entire budget. It, too, was adopted unanimously and will also be forwarded to the National Conference.

March 9 was selected as the date for the next Council videoconference meeting.

The last item of the meeting was to cover some details for the next face-to-face Council meeting which will be held on June 11-12 in Toronto.

Edwin van Pelt

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